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We asked every member of Congress — Democratic, Republican, and Independent — to do their constitutional duty and vote in favor of impeaching and removing President Trump from office. See how they voted and contact them here.

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Kirsten GillibrandDemocratNew YorkSenVoted to convict
Greg MurphyRepublicanNorth Carolina03Did not vote to impeach
Denny HeckDemocratWashington10Voted to impeach
Mark PocanDemocratWisconsin02Voted to impeach
Gwen MooreDemocratWisconsin04Voted to impeach
Kamala HarrisDemocratCaliforniaSenVoted to convict
Mazie HironoDemocratHawaiiSenVoted to convict
Edward MarkeyDemocratMassachusettsSenVoted to convict
Elizabeth WarrenDemocratMassachusettsSenVoted to convict
Debbie StabenowDemocratMichiganSenVoted to convict
Amy KlobucharDemocratMinnesotaSenVoted to convict
Cory BookerDemocratNew JerseySenVoted to convict
Jeff MerkleyDemocratOregonSenVoted to convict
Bernard SandersIndependentVermontSenVoted to convict
Patty MurrayDemocratWashingtonSenVoted to convict
Dan BishopRepublicanNorth Carolina09Did not vote to impeach
Madeleine DeanDemocratPennsylvania04Voted to impeach
Mary ScanlonDemocratPennsylvania05Voted to impeach
Michael DoyleDemocratPennsylvania18Voted to impeach
David CicillineDemocratRhode Island01Voted to impeach
Steve CohenDemocratTennessee09Voted to impeach
Al GreenDemocratTexas09Voted to impeach
Veronica EscobarDemocratTexas16Voted to impeach
Sheila Jackson LeeDemocratTexas18Voted to impeach
Joaquin CastroDemocratTexas20Voted to impeach
Filemon VelaDemocratTexas34Voted to impeach
Lloyd DoggettDemocratTexas35Voted to impeach
Donald BeyerDemocratVirginia08Voted to impeach
Jennifer WextonDemocratVirginia10Voted to impeach
Peter WelchDemocratVermontAt LargeVoted to impeach
Suzan DelBeneDemocratWashington01Voted to impeach
Rick LarsenDemocratWashington02Voted to impeach
Derek KilmerDemocratWashington06Voted to impeach
Pramila JayapalDemocratWashington07Voted to impeach
Kim SchrierDemocratWashington08Voted to impeach
Adam SmithDemocratWashington09Voted to impeach
Kathleen RiceDemocratNew York04Voted to impeach
Grace MengDemocratNew York06Voted to impeach
Nydia VelazquezDemocratNew York07Voted to impeach
Yvette ClarkeDemocratNew York09Voted to impeach
Carolyn MaloneyDemocratNew York12Voted to impeach
Adriano EspaillatDemocratNew York13Voted to impeach
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezDemocratNew York14Voted to impeach
José SerranoDemocratNew York15Voted to impeach
Eliot EngelDemocratNew York16Voted to impeach
Nita LoweyDemocratNew York17Voted to impeach
Paul TonkoDemocratNew York20Voted to impeach
Brian HigginsDemocratNew York26Voted to impeach
Joyce BeattyDemocratOhio03Voted to impeach
Marcia FudgeDemocratOhio11Voted to impeach
Tim RyanDemocratOhio13Voted to impeach
Suzanne BonamiciDemocratOregon01Voted to impeach
Earl BlumenauerDemocratOregon03Voted to impeach
Peter DeFazioDemocratOregon04Voted to impeach
Brendan BoyleDemocratPennsylvania02Voted to impeach
Dwight EvansDemocratPennsylvania03Voted to impeach
Justin AmashIndependentMichigan03Voted to impeach
Daniel KildeeDemocratMichigan05Voted to impeach
Andy LevinDemocratMichigan09Voted to impeach
Rashida TlaibDemocratMichigan13Voted to impeach
Brenda LawrenceDemocratMichigan14Voted to impeach
Betty McCollumDemocratMinnesota04Voted to impeach
Ilhan OmarDemocratMinnesota05Voted to impeach
Lacy ClayDemocratMissouri01Voted to impeach
Emanuel CleaverDemocratMissouri05Voted to impeach
Bennie ThompsonDemocratMississippi02Voted to impeach
George ButterfieldDemocratNorth Carolina01Voted to impeach
Alma AdamsDemocratNorth Carolina12Voted to impeach
Chris PappasDemocratNew Hampshire01Voted to impeach
Ann KusterDemocratNew Hampshire02Voted to impeach
Donald NorcrossDemocratNew Jersey01Voted to impeach
Tom MalinowskiDemocratNew Jersey07Voted to impeach
Bill PascrellDemocratNew Jersey09Voted to impeach
Donald PayneDemocratNew Jersey10Voted to impeach
Bonnie Watson ColemanDemocratNew Jersey12Voted to impeach
Dina TitusDemocratNevada01Voted to impeach
Val DemingsDemocratFlorida10Voted to impeach
Debbie Mucarsel-PowellDemocratFlorida26Voted to impeach
Bobby RushDemocratIllinois01Voted to impeach
Robin KellyDemocratIllinois02Voted to impeach
Jesús GarcíaDemocratIllinois04Voted to impeach
Mike QuigleyDemocratIllinois05Voted to impeach
Sean CastenDemocratIllinois06Voted to impeach
Danny DavisDemocratIllinois07Voted to impeach
Janice SchakowskyDemocratIllinois09Voted to impeach
André CarsonDemocratIndiana07Voted to impeach
John YarmuthDemocratKentucky03Voted to impeach
Cedric RichmondDemocratLouisiana02Voted to impeach
James McGovernDemocratMassachusetts02Voted to impeach
Lori TrahanDemocratMassachusetts03Voted to impeach
Joseph KennedyDemocratMassachusetts04Voted to impeach
Katherine ClarkDemocratMassachusetts05Voted to impeach
Seth MoultonDemocratMassachusetts06Voted to impeach
Ayanna PressleyDemocratMassachusetts07Voted to impeach
Jamie RaskinDemocratMaryland08Voted to impeach
Chellie PingreeDemocratMaine01Voted to impeach
Brad ShermanDemocratCalifornia30Voted to impeach
Grace NapolitanoDemocratCalifornia32Voted to impeach
Ted LieuDemocratCalifornia33Voted to impeach
Jimmy GomezDemocratCalifornia34Voted to impeach
Norma TorresDemocratCalifornia35Voted to impeach
Lucille Roybal-AllardDemocratCalifornia40Voted to impeach
Maxine WatersDemocratCalifornia43Voted to impeach
Nanette BarraganDemocratCalifornia44Voted to impeach
Katie PorterDemocratCalifornia45Voted to impeach
Alan LowenthalDemocratCalifornia47Voted to impeach
Harley RoudaDemocratCalifornia48Voted to impeach
Mike LevinDemocratCalifornia49Voted to impeach
Juan VargasDemocratCalifornia51Voted to impeach
Scott PetersDemocratCalifornia52Voted to impeach
Diana DeGetteDemocratColorado01Voted to impeach
Joe NeguseDemocratColorado02Voted to impeach
Jason CrowDemocratColorado06Voted to impeach
James HimesDemocratConnecticut04Voted to impeach
Eleanor Holmes NortonDemocratDistrict of ColumbiaVoted to impeach
Lisa Blunt RochesterDemocratDelawareAt LargeVoted to impeach
Theodore DeutchDemocratFlorida22Voted to impeach
Ann KirkpatrickDemocratArizona02Voted to impeach
Raúl GrijalvaDemocratArizona03Voted to impeach
Ruben GallegoDemocratArizona07Voted to impeach
Greg StantonDemocratArizona09Voted to impeach
Jared HuffmanDemocratCalifornia02Voted to impeach
John GaramendiDemocratCalifornia03Voted to impeach
Doris MatsuiDemocratCalifornia06Voted to impeach
Mark DeSaulnierDemocratCalifornia11Voted to impeach
Barbara LeeDemocratCalifornia13Voted to impeach
Jackie SpeierDemocratCalifornia14Voted to impeach
Eric SwalwellDemocratCalifornia15Voted to impeach
Julia BrownleyDemocratCalifornia26Voted to impeach
Judy ChuDemocratCalifornia27Voted to impeach
Tony CardenasDemocratCalifornia29Voted to impeach
Anthony BrownDemocratMaryland04Voted to impeach
Debbie DingellDemocratMichigan12Voted to impeach
Jerrold NadlerDemocratNew York10Voted to impeach
Sylvia GarciaDemocratTexas29Voted to impeach
Pete AguilarDemocratCalifornia31Voted to impeach
Marsha BlackburnRepublicanTennesseeSenVoted for a coverup
John CornynRepublicanTexasSenVoted for a coverup
Ted CruzRepublicanTexasSenVoted for a coverup
Mike LeeRepublicanUtahSenVoted for a coverup
Mitt RomneyRepublicanUtahSenVoted to convict on Article I only
Timothy KaineDemocratVirginiaSenVoted to convict
Mark WarnerDemocratVirginiaSenVoted to convict
Patrick LeahyDemocratVermontSenVoted to convict
Maria CantwellDemocratWashingtonSenVoted to convict
Tammy BaldwinDemocratWisconsinSenVoted to convict
Ron JohnsonRepublicanWisconsinSenVoted for a coverup
Shelley CapitoRepublicanWest VirginiaSenVoted for a coverup
Joe ManchinDemocratWest VirginiaSenVoted to convict
John BarrassoRepublicanWyomingSenVoted for a coverup
Michael EnziRepublicanWyomingSenVoted for a coverup
Mike ThompsonDemocratCalifornia05Voted to impeach
Ami BeraDemocratCalifornia07Voted to impeach
Jerry McNerneyDemocratCalifornia09Voted to impeach
Zoe LofgrenDemocratCalifornia19Voted to impeach
Karen BassDemocratCalifornia37Voted to impeach
Robert MenendezDemocratNew JerseySenVoted to convict
Martin HeinrichDemocratNew MexicoSenVoted to convict
Tom UdallDemocratNew MexicoSenVoted to convict
Catherine Cortez MastoDemocratNevadaSenVoted to convict
Jacky RosenDemocratNevadaSenVoted to convict
Charles SchumerDemocratNew YorkSenVoted to convict
Sherrod BrownDemocratOhioSenVoted to convict
Robert PortmanRepublicanOhioSenVoted for a coverup
James InhofeRepublicanOklahomaSenVoted for a coverup
James LankfordRepublicanOklahomaSenVoted for a coverup
Ron WydenDemocratOregonSenVoted to convict
Robert CaseyDemocratPennsylvaniaSenVoted to convict
Patrick ToomeyRepublicanPennsylvaniaSenVoted for a coverup
John ReedDemocratRhode IslandSenVoted to convict
Sheldon WhitehouseDemocratRhode IslandSenVoted to convict
Lindsey GrahamRepublicanSouth CarolinaSenVoted for a coverup
Tim ScottRepublicanSouth CarolinaSenVoted for a coverup
Mike RoundsRepublicanSouth DakotaSenVoted for a coverup
John ThuneRepublicanSouth DakotaSenVoted for a coverup
Lamar AlexanderRepublicanTennesseeSenVoted for a coverup
Benjamin CardinDemocratMarylandSenVoted to convict
Chris Van HollenDemocratMarylandSenVoted to convict
Susan CollinsRepublicanMaineSenVoted for a coverup
Angus KingIndependentMaineSenVoted to convict
Gary PetersDemocratMichiganSenVoted to convict
Tina SmithDemocratMinnesotaSenVoted to convict
Roy BluntRepublicanMissouriSenVoted for a coverup
Joshua HawleyRepublicanMissouriSenVoted for a coverup
Cindy Hyde-SmithRepublicanMississippiSenVoted for a coverup
Roger WickerRepublicanMississippiSenVoted for a coverup
Steve DainesRepublicanMontanaSenVoted for a coverup
Jon TesterDemocratMontanaSenVoted to convict
Richard BurrRepublicanNorth CarolinaSenVoted for a coverup
Thom TillisRepublicanNorth CarolinaSenVoted for a coverup
Kevin CramerRepublicanNorth DakotaSenVoted for a coverup
John HoevenRepublicanNorth DakotaSenVoted for a coverup
Deb FischerRepublicanNebraskaSenVoted for a coverup
Benjamin SasseRepublicanNebraskaSenVoted for a coverup
Margaret HassanDemocratNew HampshireSenVoted to convict
Jeanne ShaheenDemocratNew HampshireSenVoted to convict
Chris CoonsDemocratDelawareSenVoted to convict
Marco RubioRepublicanFloridaSenVoted for a coverup
Rick ScottRepublicanFloridaSenVoted for a coverup
John IsaksonRepublicanGeorgiaSenVoted for a coverup
David PerdueRepublicanGeorgiaSenVoted for a coverup
Brian SchatzDemocratHawaiiSenVoted to convict
Joni ErnstRepublicanIowaSenVoted for a coverup
Charles GrassleyRepublicanIowaSenVoted for a coverup
Michael CrapoRepublicanIdahoSenVoted for a coverup
James RischRepublicanIdahoSenVoted for a coverup
Tammy DuckworthDemocratIllinoisSenVoted to convict
Richard DurbinDemocratIllinoisSenVoted to convict
Mike BraunRepublicanIndianaSenVoted for a coverup
Todd YoungRepublicanIndianaSenVoted for a coverup
Jerry MoranRepublicanKansasSenVoted for a coverup
Pat RobertsRepublicanKansasSenVoted for a coverup
Mitch McConnellRepublicanKentuckySenVoted for a coverup
Rand PaulRepublicanKentuckySenVoted for a coverup
Bill CassidyRepublicanLouisianaSenVoted for a coverup
John KennedyRepublicanLouisianaSenVoted for a coverup
Mike GallagherRepublicanWisconsin08Did not vote to impeach
David McKinleyRepublicanWest Virginia01Did not vote to impeach
Alex MooneyRepublicanWest Virginia02Did not vote to impeach
Carol MillerRepublicanWest Virginia03Did not vote to impeach
Liz CheneyRepublicanWyomingAt LargeDid not vote to impeach
Lisa MurkowskiRepublicanAlaskaSenVoted for a coverup
Dan SullivanRepublicanAlaskaSenVoted for a coverup
Doug JonesDemocratAlabamaSenVoted to convict
Richard ShelbyRepublicanAlabamaSenVoted for a coverup
John BoozmanRepublicanArkansasSenVoted for a coverup
Tom CottonRepublicanArkansasSenVoted for a coverup
Martha McSallyRepublicanArizonaSenVoted for a coverup
Kyrsten SinemaDemocratArizonaSenVoted to convict
Dianne FeinsteinDemocratCaliforniaSenVoted to convict
Michael BennetDemocratColoradoSenVoted to convict
Cory GardnerRepublicanColoradoSenVoted for a coverup
Richard BlumenthalDemocratConnecticutSenVoted to convict
Christopher MurphyDemocratConnecticutSenVoted to convict
Thomas CarperDemocratDelawareSenVoted to convict
Ben ClineRepublicanVirginia06Did not vote to impeach
Abigail SpanbergerDemocratVirginia07Voted to impeach
Morgan GriffithRepublicanVirginia09Did not vote to impeach
Gerald ConnollyDemocratVirginia11Voted to impeach
Jaime Herrera BeutlerRepublicanWashington03Did not vote to impeach
Dan NewhouseRepublicanWashington04Did not vote to impeach
Cathy McMorris RodgersRepublicanWashington05Did not vote to impeach
Bryan SteilRepublicanWisconsin01Did not vote to impeach
Ron KindDemocratWisconsin03Voted to impeach
Jim SensenbrennerRepublicanWisconsin05Did not vote to impeach
Glenn GrothmanRepublicanWisconsin06Did not vote to impeach
Rob BishopRepublicanUtah01Did not vote to impeach
Chris StewartRepublicanUtah02Did not vote to impeach
John CurtisRepublicanUtah03Did not vote to impeach
Ben McAdamsDemocratUtah04Voted to impeach
Robert WittmanRepublicanVirginia01Did not vote to impeach
Elaine LuriaDemocratVirginia02Voted to impeach
Robert ScottDemocratVirginia03Voted to impeach
Donald McEachinDemocratVirginia04Voted to impeach
Denver RigglemanRepublicanVirginia05Did not vote to impeach
Mike ConawayRepublicanTexas11Did not vote to impeach
Kay GrangerRepublicanTexas12Did not vote to impeach
Mac ThornberryRepublicanTexas13Did not vote to impeach
Randy WeberRepublicanTexas14Did not vote to impeach
Vicente GonzalezDemocratTexas15Voted to impeach
Bill FloresRepublicanTexas17Did not vote to impeach
Jodey ArringtonRepublicanTexas19Did not vote to impeach
Chip RoyRepublicanTexas21Did not vote to impeach
Pete OlsonRepublicanTexas22Did not vote to impeach
Will HurdRepublicanTexas23Did not vote to impeach
Kenny MarchantRepublicanTexas24Did not vote to impeach
Roger WilliamsRepublicanTexas25Did not vote to impeach
Michael BurgessRepublicanTexas26Did not vote to impeach
Michael CloudRepublicanTexas27Did not vote to impeach
Henry CuellarDemocratTexas28Voted to impeach
Eddie JohnsonDemocratTexas30Voted to impeach
John CarterRepublicanTexas31Did not vote to impeach
Colin AllredDemocratTexas32Voted to impeach
Marc VeaseyDemocratTexas33Voted to impeach
Brian BabinRepublicanTexas36Did not vote to impeach
James ClyburnDemocratSouth Carolina06Voted to impeach
Tom RiceRepublicanSouth Carolina07Did not vote to impeach
Dusty JohnsonRepublicanSouth DakotaAt LargeDid not vote to impeach
David RoeRepublicanTennessee01Did not vote to impeach
Tim BurchettRepublicanTennessee02Did not vote to impeach
Charles FleischmannRepublicanTennessee03Did not vote to impeach
Scott DesJarlaisRepublicanTennessee04Did not vote to impeach
Jim CooperDemocratTennessee05Voted to impeach
John RoseRepublicanTennessee06Did not vote to impeach
Mark GreenRepublicanTennessee07Did not vote to impeach
David KustoffRepublicanTennessee08Did not vote to impeach
Louie GohmertRepublicanTexas01Did not vote to impeach
Dan CrenshawRepublicanTexas02Did not vote to impeach
Van TaylorRepublicanTexas03Did not vote to impeach
John RatcliffeRepublicanTexas04Did not vote to impeach
Lance GoodenRepublicanTexas05Did not vote to impeach
Ron WrightRepublicanTexas06Did not vote to impeach
Lizzie FletcherDemocratTexas07Voted to impeach
Kevin BradyRepublicanTexas08Did not vote to impeach
Michael McCaulRepublicanTexas10Did not vote to impeach
Kurt SchraderDemocratOregon05Voted to impeach
Brian FitzpatrickRepublicanPennsylvania01Did not vote to impeach
Chrissy HoulahanDemocratPennsylvania06Voted to impeach
Susan WildDemocratPennsylvania07Voted to impeach
Matthew CartwrightDemocratPennsylvania08Voted to impeach
Daniel MeuserRepublicanPennsylvania09Did not vote to impeach
Scott PerryRepublicanPennsylvania10Did not vote to impeach
Lloyd SmuckerRepublicanPennsylvania11Did not vote to impeach
Fred KellerRepublicanPennsylvania12Did not vote to impeach
John JoyceRepublicanPennsylvania13Did not vote to impeach
Guy ReschenthalerRepublicanPennsylvania14Did not vote to impeach
Glenn ThompsonRepublicanPennsylvania15Did not vote to impeach
Mike KellyRepublicanPennsylvania16Did not vote to impeach
Conor LambDemocratPennsylvania17Voted to impeach
James LangevinDemocratRhode Island02Voted to impeach
Joe CunninghamDemocratSouth Carolina01Voted to impeach
Joe WilsonRepublicanSouth Carolina02Did not vote to impeach
Jeff DuncanRepublicanSouth Carolina03Did not vote to impeach
William TimmonsRepublicanSouth Carolina04Did not vote to impeach
Ralph NormanRepublicanSouth Carolina05Did not vote to impeach
Steve ChabotRepublicanOhio01Did not vote to impeach
Brad WenstrupRepublicanOhio02Did not vote to impeach
Jim JordanRepublicanOhio04Did not vote to impeach
Robert LattaRepublicanOhio05Did not vote to impeach
Bill JohnsonRepublicanOhio06Did not vote to impeach
Bob GibbsRepublicanOhio07Did not vote to impeach
Warren DavidsonRepublicanOhio08Did not vote to impeach
Marcy KapturDemocratOhio09Voted to impeach
Michael TurnerRepublicanOhio10Did not vote to impeach
Troy BaldersonRepublicanOhio12Did not vote to impeach
David JoyceRepublicanOhio14Did not vote to impeach
Steve StiversRepublicanOhio15Did not vote to impeach
Anthony GonzalezRepublicanOhio16Did not vote to impeach
Kevin HernRepublicanOklahoma01Did not vote to impeach
Markwayne MullinRepublicanOklahoma02Did not vote to impeach
Frank LucasRepublicanOklahoma03Did not vote to impeach
Tom ColeRepublicanOklahoma04Did not vote to impeach
Kendra HornDemocratOklahoma05Voted to impeach
Greg WaldenRepublicanOregon02Did not vote to impeach
Mikie SherrillDemocratNew Jersey11Voted to impeach
Debra HaalandDemocratNew Mexico01Voted to impeach
Xochitl Torres SmallDemocratNew Mexico02Voted to impeach
Ben LujanDemocratNew Mexico03Voted to impeach
Mark AmodeiRepublicanNevada02Did not vote to impeach
Susie LeeDemocratNevada03Voted to impeach
Steven HorsfordDemocratNevada04Voted to impeach
Lee ZeldinRepublicanNew York01Did not vote to impeach
Peter KingRepublicanNew York02Did not vote to impeach
Thomas SuozziDemocratNew York03Voted to impeach
Gregory MeeksDemocratNew York05Voted to impeach
Hakeem JeffriesDemocratNew York08Voted to impeach
Max RoseDemocratNew York11Voted to impeach
Sean MaloneyDemocratNew York18Voted to impeach
Antonio DelgadoDemocratNew York19Voted to impeach
Elise StefanikRepublicanNew York21Did not vote to impeach
Anthony BrindisiDemocratNew York22Voted to impeach
Tom ReedRepublicanNew York23Did not vote to impeach
John KatkoRepublicanNew York24Did not vote to impeach
Joseph MorelleDemocratNew York25Voted to impeach
Jefferson Van DrewDemocratNew Jersey02Did not vote to impeach
Andy KimDemocratNew Jersey03Voted to impeach
Christopher SmithRepublicanNew Jersey04Did not vote to impeach
Josh GottheimerDemocratNew Jersey05Voted to impeach
Frank PalloneDemocratNew Jersey06Voted to impeach
Albio SiresDemocratNew Jersey08Voted to impeach
Greg GianforteRepublicanMontanaAt LargeDid not vote to impeach
George HoldingRepublicanNorth Carolina02Did not vote to impeach
David PriceDemocratNorth Carolina04Voted to impeach
Virginia FoxxRepublicanNorth Carolina05Did not vote to impeach
Mark WalkerRepublicanNorth Carolina06Did not vote to impeach
David RouzerRepublicanNorth Carolina07Did not vote to impeach
Richard HudsonRepublicanNorth Carolina08Did not vote to impeach
Patrick McHenryRepublicanNorth Carolina10Did not vote to impeach
Mark MeadowsRepublicanNorth Carolina11Did not vote to impeach
Ted BuddRepublicanNorth Carolina13Did not vote to impeach
Kelly ArmstrongRepublicanNorth DakotaAt LargeDid not vote to impeach
Jeff FortenberryRepublicanNebraska01Did not vote to impeach
Don BaconRepublicanNebraska02Did not vote to impeach
Adrian SmithRepublicanNebraska03Did not vote to impeach
Fred UptonRepublicanMichigan06Did not vote to impeach
Tim WalbergRepublicanMichigan07Did not vote to impeach
Elissa SlotkinDemocratMichigan08Voted to impeach
Paul MitchellRepublicanMichigan10Did not vote to impeach
Haley StevensDemocratMichigan11Voted to impeach
Jim HagedornRepublicanMinnesota01Did not vote to impeach
Angie CraigDemocratMinnesota02Voted to impeach
Dean PhillipsDemocratMinnesota03Voted to impeach
Tom EmmerRepublicanMinnesota06Did not vote to impeach
Collin PetersonDemocratMinnesota07Did not vote to impeach
Pete StauberRepublicanMinnesota08Did not vote to impeach
Ann WagnerRepublicanMissouri02Did not vote to impeach
Blaine LuetkemeyerRepublicanMissouri03Did not vote to impeach
Vicky HartzlerRepublicanMissouri04Did not vote to impeach
Sam GravesRepublicanMissouri06Did not vote to impeach
Billy LongRepublicanMissouri07Did not vote to impeach
Jason SmithRepublicanMissouri08Did not vote to impeach
Trent KellyRepublicanMississippi01Did not vote to impeach
Michael GuestRepublicanMississippi03Did not vote to impeach
Steven PalazzoRepublicanMississippi04Did not vote to impeach
Harold RogersRepublicanKentucky05Did not vote to impeach
Garland BarrRepublicanKentucky06Did not vote to impeach
Steve ScaliseRepublicanLouisiana01Did not vote to impeach
Clay HigginsRepublicanLouisiana03Did not vote to impeach
Mike JohnsonRepublicanLouisiana04Did not vote to impeach
Ralph AbrahamRepublicanLouisiana05Did not vote to impeach
Garret GravesRepublicanLouisiana06Did not vote to impeach
Richard NealDemocratMassachusetts01Voted to impeach
Stephen LynchDemocratMassachusetts08Voted to impeach
William KeatingDemocratMassachusetts09Voted to impeach
Andy HarrisRepublicanMaryland01Did not vote to impeach
Dutch RuppersbergerDemocratMaryland02Voted to impeach
John SarbanesDemocratMaryland03Voted to impeach
Steny HoyerDemocratMaryland05Voted to impeach
David TroneDemocratMaryland06Voted to impeach
Jared GoldenDemocratMaine02Voted in favor of Article I, against Article II
Jack BergmanRepublicanMichigan01Did not vote to impeach
Bill HuizengaRepublicanMichigan02Did not vote to impeach
John MoolenaarRepublicanMichigan04Did not vote to impeach
Lauren UnderwoodDemocratIllinois14Voted to impeach
John ShimkusRepublicanIllinois15Did not vote to impeach
Adam KinzingerRepublicanIllinois16Did not vote to impeach
Cheri BustosDemocratIllinois17Voted to impeach
Darin LaHoodRepublicanIllinois18Did not vote to impeach
Peter ViscloskyDemocratIndiana01Voted to impeach
Jackie WalorskiRepublicanIndiana02Did not vote to impeach
Jim BanksRepublicanIndiana03Did not vote to impeach
James BairdRepublicanIndiana04Did not vote to impeach
Susan BrooksRepublicanIndiana05Did not vote to impeach
Greg PenceRepublicanIndiana06Did not vote to impeach
Larry BucshonRepublicanIndiana08Did not vote to impeach
Trey HollingsworthRepublicanIndiana09Did not vote to impeach
Roger MarshallRepublicanKansas01Did not vote to impeach
Steven WatkinsRepublicanKansas02Did not vote to impeach
Sharice DavidsDemocratKansas03Voted to impeach
Ron EstesRepublicanKansas04Did not vote to impeach
James ComerRepublicanKentucky01Did not vote to impeach
Brett GuthrieRepublicanKentucky02Did not vote to impeach
Thomas MassieRepublicanKentucky04Did not vote to impeach
Doug CollinsRepublicanGeorgia09Did not vote to impeach
Jody HiceRepublicanGeorgia10Did not vote to impeach
Barry LoudermilkRepublicanGeorgia11Did not vote to impeach
Rick AllenRepublicanGeorgia12Did not vote to impeach
David ScottDemocratGeorgia13Voted to impeach
Tom GravesRepublicanGeorgia14Did not vote to impeach
Ed CaseDemocratHawaii01Voted to impeach
Tulsi GabbardDemocratHawaii02Voted Present
Abby FinkenauerDemocratIowa01Voted to impeach
David LoebsackDemocratIowa02Voted to impeach
Cynthia AxneDemocratIowa03Voted to impeach
Steve KingRepublicanIowa04Did not vote to impeach
Russ FulcherRepublicanIdaho01Did not vote to impeach
Michael SimpsonRepublicanIdaho02Did not vote to impeach
Daniel LipinskiDemocratIllinois03Voted to impeach
Raja KrishnamoorthiDemocratIllinois08Voted to impeach
Bradley SchneiderDemocratIllinois10Voted to impeach
Bill FosterDemocratIllinois11Voted to impeach
Mike BostRepublicanIllinois12Did not vote to impeach
Rodney DavisRepublicanIllinois13Did not vote to impeach
Kathy CastorDemocratFlorida14Voted to impeach
Ross SpanoRepublicanFlorida15Did not vote to impeach
Vern BuchananRepublicanFlorida16Did not vote to impeach
Greg SteubeRepublicanFlorida17Did not vote to impeach
Brian MastRepublicanFlorida18Did not vote to impeach
Francis RooneyRepublicanFlorida19Did not vote to impeach
Alcee HastingsDemocratFlorida20Voted to impeach
Lois FrankelDemocratFlorida21Voted to impeach
Debbie Wasserman SchultzDemocratFlorida23Voted to impeach
Frederica WilsonDemocratFlorida24Voted to impeach
Mario Diaz-BalartRepublicanFlorida25Did not vote to impeach
Donna ShalalaDemocratFlorida27Voted to impeach
Buddy CarterRepublicanGeorgia01Did not vote to impeach
Sanford BishopDemocratGeorgia02Voted to impeach
Drew FergusonRepublicanGeorgia03Did not vote to impeach
Henry JohnsonDemocratGeorgia04Voted to impeach
John LewisDemocratGeorgia05Voted to impeach
Lucy McBathDemocratGeorgia06Voted to impeach
Rob WoodallRepublicanGeorgia07Did not vote to impeach
Austin ScottRepublicanGeorgia08Did not vote to impeach
Scott TiptonRepublicanColorado03Did not vote to impeach
Ken BuckRepublicanColorado04Did not vote to impeach
Doug LambornRepublicanColorado05Did not vote to impeach
Ed PerlmutterDemocratColorado07Voted to impeach
John LarsonDemocratConnecticut01Voted to impeach
Joe CourtneyDemocratConnecticut02Voted to impeach
Rosa DeLauroDemocratConnecticut03Voted to impeach
Jahana HayesDemocratConnecticut05Voted to impeach
Matt GaetzRepublicanFlorida01Did not vote to impeach
Neal DunnRepublicanFlorida02Did not vote to impeach
Ted YohoRepublicanFlorida03Did not vote to impeach
John RutherfordRepublicanFlorida04Did not vote to impeach
Al LawsonDemocratFlorida05Voted to impeach
Michael WaltzRepublicanFlorida06Did not vote to impeach
Stephanie MurphyDemocratFlorida07Voted to impeach
Bill PoseyRepublicanFlorida08Did not vote to impeach
Darren SotoDemocratFlorida09Voted to impeach
Daniel WebsterRepublicanFlorida11Did not vote to impeach
Gus BilirakisRepublicanFlorida12Did not vote to impeach
Charlie CristDemocratFlorida13Voted to impeach
Gilbert CisnerosDemocratCalifornia39Voted to impeach
Mark TakanoDemocratCalifornia41Voted to impeach
Ken CalvertRepublicanCalifornia42Did not vote to impeach
Lou CorreaDemocratCalifornia46Voted to impeach
Susan DavisDemocratCalifornia53Voted to impeach
Josh HarderDemocratCalifornia10Voted to impeach
Nancy PelosiDemocratCalifornia12Voted to impeach
Jim CostaDemocratCalifornia16Voted to impeach
Ro KhannaDemocratCalifornia17Voted to impeach
Anna EshooDemocratCalifornia18Voted to impeach
Jimmy PanettaDemocratCalifornia20Voted to impeach
TJ CoxDemocratCalifornia21Voted to impeach
Devin NunesRepublicanCalifornia22Did not vote to impeach
Kevin McCarthyRepublicanCalifornia23Did not vote to impeach
Salud CarbajalDemocratCalifornia24Voted to impeach
Adam SchiffDemocratCalifornia28Voted to impeach
Raul RuizDemocratCalifornia36Voted to impeach
Linda SanchezDemocratCalifornia38Voted to impeach
Don YoungRepublicanAlaskaAt LargeDid not vote to impeach
Bradley ByrneRepublicanAlabama01Did not vote to impeach
Martha RobyRepublicanAlabama02Did not vote to impeach
Mike RogersRepublicanAlabama03Did not vote to impeach
Robert AderholtRepublicanAlabama04Did not vote to impeach
Mo BrooksRepublicanAlabama05Did not vote to impeach
Gary PalmerRepublicanAlabama06Did not vote to impeach
Terri SewellDemocratAlabama07Voted to impeach
Eric CrawfordRepublicanArkansas01Did not vote to impeach
French HillRepublicanArkansas02Did not vote to impeach
Steve WomackRepublicanArkansas03Did not vote to impeach
Bruce WestermanRepublicanArkansas04Did not vote to impeach
Tom O’HalleranDemocratArizona01Voted to impeach
Paul GosarRepublicanArizona04Did not vote to impeach
Andy BiggsRepublicanArizona05Did not vote to impeach
David SchweikertRepublicanArizona06Did not vote to impeach
Debbie LeskoRepublicanArizona08Did not vote to impeach
Doug LaMalfaRepublicanCalifornia01Did not vote to impeach
Tom McClintockRepublicanCalifornia04Did not vote to impeach
Paul CookRepublicanCalifornia08Did not vote to impeach

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