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Congress must do its constitutional duty. 232 of 431 U.S. House members publicly support an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Enter your address below to see if yours is one of them.

231 of 233 Democrats
1 of 1 Independents
0 of 197 Republicans

Why Now?

Donald Trump has repeatedly violated his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Evidence suggests he illegally colluded with the Ukranian president — and abused his power to obtain information on a political rival to help him get re-elected. But he has also obstructed justice and misused his pardon power, used his presidency for personal gain, violated campaign finance laws, and pitted us against each other by stoking racism and xenophobia. etoro italia

Congress has a constitutional duty to address these and other potentially impeachable offenses.

An impeachment inquiry is the necessary response to the President’s unprecedented obstruction of justice. It gives Congress the legal standing it needs to break through his stonewalling tactics — like instructing witnesses not to testify and ignoring subpoenas — and it’ll help to educate the American people about his wrongdoing through public, televised hearings.

deposit binomo In short: the President’s record of potentially criminal conduct needs a full, public examination.

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We do live in a hyper-partisan environment, where many are tempted to make political calculations about next year’s elections when considering an impeachment inquiry. But what’s at stake is far more important than any short-term political gain: whether we will hold leaders accountable when they put themselves above the law.

This is the best tool — trading olymp trade and perhaps the only tool left — to fully investigate and reveal the President’s wrongdoing to the American people. It gives Congress a much stronger legal position to carry out its ongoing oversight and investigation of the executive branch — critical at a time when the Trump administration is stonewalling Congress and directly refusing to comply with subpoenas at every turn.

An impeachment inquiry is about Congress’s solemn constitutional duty to deliver the truth to the American people — and that duty is more important than any partisan, political imperative.

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